Hello Andile,my name is Constance Monareng,I am 20 years old.I was born and raised in Botswana by my father and mother both since my childhood.In 2004 early June,my mother passed away then my father moved away from home.I was 8 years old by that time i didnt know much about him.I only knew his names which are JOSEPH MPEDI MONARENG.,the passport reflected that he was from QUA QUA free state.

I have never been there or met anyone from his family even though he was married to my mom.I am his only child.The last time i saw my father is back in 2011 early March.The news i recieved about him is that he went back home.I have no idea where to start looking for him.i dont have any contacts or anything.I hope you help me look for my father

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