help me locate Gennifer Goga Kgosimang, she left home in Botswana, Mochudi in1993, by then in was 7 months old. she might be using different names now. Goga was last spotted in Rustenburg and moria in 2011. She used to Live at Thabazimbi mines in with a man named Freddy.

she left 3 children behind, Fortunate P.Kgosiemang, Onneile Kgosiemang and Late Boitshoko Ramore.

Goga is the last born daughter of Late Florence Papadi Ramore and Late Magaraso Kgosiemang. She has 3 siblings: late Ramakwati Ramore, shirley Ramore, and Moitshodi Ramore.

I just want to see her, we dont need her to come back home, she will come at her own time, if we cud atleast see her, i dont know her at all.

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