Dear Team

could you please assist in finding the above mentioned person.
He is originally from Peterburg-Morataneng, his Parents are Nellie Williams(originally from Lesotho and John Pampier from Petersburg.
Mr Pampier was born in 1963 june but does not know the day, He left home in 1992 to seek employment but has not been able to work because he does not have an ID. He does not have a place to stay and sleeps in the Bushes at the Reveton resort, kimberley.He longs to go home but does not know how.

i met Johannes at the resort on the 14 february, he says he is well known to the stuff at the resort and can be found there. he does not have any contacts and is suffering.

Please assist Kumbulekhaya Team,

Kind regards,
nozi Dondolo, 0737319454

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