help find a long lost father

hi, my name is Tshotleho Patrick Maine, i am staying in schweizer-reneke north-west province,i am requesting your crew to help me locate my father who is now 33years gone his name is Tsatsi Joseph Maine, he left me with his parents in 1986 and went to Joburg,he was said to be staying at TSAKANE HOSTELS around 1988 and 1990 , but my problem is that iwas still young to go there and had no active family memmber in Joburg to help me,in 1995 i wrote to the tv programme on sabc2 called missing to help me locate him but i failed due to not hhaving his picture and the programme went tsakane i heared he was known as MASEKO and he was selling MALAMOGODU with a white nissan 1400 bakkie,he was born in 1954 as TSATSI JOSEPH MAINE ,his parents were Sekhethe Hendrik Maine and Goitshasiwang Martha MAINE, he was the last born of both parents,in 2010 i appeared in dailysun trying to find him but i failed,now my request is that if it is possible, pls allow me to please be part of your show”KWA BA LAHLEKILEYO” to ask the viewers to help me,i have now two children who also needs him am married, each and every wednesday i watch your show to see if maybe him or his children or anybody living with him is looking for us but no luck,iam very confident that he is still out there living in the dark not knowing were to find us his family, so through you am very confident that something can come up, judging by the effort you take to re-unite families,please find it in your heart to help me, i know is too much to ask but through you i can be like all the people you herlped.i failed to upload my photo because i was using internet cafe to write this letter,i wasforced by the SUBMIT button to apload the photo you see i will apload my real photo on my profile later tonight when i knock off please understand, i sent my numbers in your face book page inbox,maine mentsho is my user name. please help me find closure to this nightmare am having. humbling :TSHOTLEHO PATRICK MAINE

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