Gertrude Nxumalo

My name is Gertrude Nxumalo I am looking for my father, Solomon Mkhatshwa Nxumalo or his family. They used to live in Matafin, near the Mbombela Stadium, I have never seen my father-Solomon, who was a soldier and I hear he once went to Egypt during the World War 2. He was stationed at SAS Rand Wemmer Pan in Johannesburg…we found that the base was destroyed years back. He once lived in Meadowlands in Soweto by then Meadowlands was a new town in the early 1950s that’s where he met my mother. They separated by end 50s to early 60s.

I heard that lots of people were relocated when the stadium..(Mbombela Stadium) was being constructed to some places like Malelani etc. His other children who are said to be alive are Zinkabi, Mndawu and Fuyafuthi Nxumalo, they might be in their late 40s to 60s there. My son once went to look for them in Matafin but we could not find them, maybe they changed their surname. We also have information that his mother, (my grandmother) was a sangoma.
I found these pictures in one of the letters my father wrote to my mother. I am not sure if he is in this picture or not.
Please if there is anyone who can help me locate them or if you need some more information do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you

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