Elisa Wittes from Schweizer Reneke /Hertzogville

Elisa Wittes who came from Hertzogville/Schweizer Reneke worked for the Van Antwerpen family in Welkom. Her brother was Hermans Wittes.(if we recall correctly) She was our housekeeper and she looked after me when I was a little girl She also called me Thuli. I called her Lisa and I loved her so much. I think of her so often and would love to find her. If anybody can help me, I would so appreciate it. I had 3 brothers : Flip, Cornelius and Matium, but I was youngest and would love to find Lisa. I unfortunately do not have a photo of her. Yvette van Antwerpen. A colleague at work told me about Khumbul’ekhaya, so I really hope this website can reunite us.

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