Children stranded in Malawi

Please can you assist in any way to sort out this problem or point me in the right direction.

I was taken by her SA mother to Malawi as a baby and brought up by a step father who has died. I had 5 children in Malawi with a Malawian who has also passed away.
I only found out when I was 32 that both my Mother and Father were South African. After a long journey with amazing stories and with my South African father’s assistance, I and my youngest son who is 13 years old now have SA citizenship with SA passports and IDs.
I have 4 children in Malawi and was never married to their father who died when my youngest son was a baby. I have been supporting these children with monthly maintenance payments at a great effort as a domestic for the past 13 from South Africa as a domestic worker. I have gone back to Malawi to see them regularly and have tried my best to get them under one roof and paid for schooling etc. I have never had the finance to get them to SA as the cost was exorbitant.
I spent 3 months in Malawi this in 2015 – after saving more than fifteen thousand rand to get all passports, police clearance etc sorted for them. To no avail as no passports were printed and everyone wanted money to issue or sign any document. I came back to SA with all documents paid for and only receipts to show for the costs incurred. The Malawian passports have now been issued for the children.
I went to see a Councillor in Pretoria – who sent me to the Malawian embassy where I met the ambassador who has gone out of his way to try and assist me. The passports have now been issued in Malawi and I need assistance to do the correct thing to get these children to SA but don’t know where to start.

Can you please help me to find the right path to get these children to SA

My Cell no is 076 3999 184 and a friend Helene 082 4812 872 can also be contacted.

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