Abandoned & Stuck in Qatar

Dear Andile and the Team,

My name is Mzamo Nyawo fromEmpangeni in KZN.I came to Qatar for work in 2009 for a well and established organization which is still operating up to now.In September 2016 I was made redundant by the company due to organizational restructuring as they
labelled it,which is OK according to the indefinite contract that I was employed under.

The disaster now is that when I was made redundant I had liabilities with the bank here in Qatar amounting to QAR 158 000.Now the bank has banned my travel and open a case for me because I am unable to pay back all the money since I am unemployed and the insurance service said they only cover death and permanent disability only and I was not aware of that-I am abandoned and stuck in this country,It has been 4 months now and I am unable to secure a new job.I am running out of food and the company wants to remove me from the house since I am no longer their employee.

My family is willing to help but the amount is big because of the exchange rate of the SA rand to the Qatari riyal.I have reported this matter to the SA embassy here in Qatar but they said they are not giving financial help.

I am so lost I just want to go home and I appeal to you for any kind of help that you can offer and to other SA citizens who are planning to come to this country should be aware of traps like these.It is killing.


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