A mother’s love is real and forever

Anything is possible, but faith makes everything possible. My loving mother’s endless prayers have given me strength in everything I do. I have made numerous mistakes in my life time, but never has my mother abounded me. She was the was the first person to show me love with no requirements nor conditions. Tonight’s story has taught me that a mother’s love is eternal and can never be bought.

2 responses to “A mother’s love is real and forever

  1. This is so true, our mothers love us regardless of what we do. Every episode of Khumbul’ekhaya makes me so grateful to my mother. I am beyond grateful for the love that she shows me daily and even more grateful that I can show my kids the same love. Thank you for that beautiful piece.

    1. Cc andile i agree with you but for same of us it’s not like that i have a mother that i see everyday but she had never showed me love and care she always finds me wrong in everything i do i try by all means to make her happy but no I’m (wrong) i don’t know why am i the the only one try to make our relationship work.

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