A father looking for his son

Dear Khumbul’ekhaya,

My name is Mtisunge Mangwaela and I am writing this letter on behalf of my father in law, Mafumana Johannes Mthombela. He is looking for Selinah Semelani and Mafika Semelani.

Selinah Semelani is the mother to Mafika Semelani, the son they had with Mafumana Mthombela. Mafika was born in 1970. The year 1991 was the last time Mafumana was in contact with Selinah. Selinah was staying in Daveyton at that time and she had informed Mafumana that she was no longer working for someone but she had started a business of her own, selling clothes she stocked in Durban.

In 1991 Mafumana and Selinah had planned to me meet in Germiston but a heavy rainfall disrupted them to be able to meet. Mafumana was working with Selinah’s brother Petros Simelani at a company called Haggie Rand in Germiston. After much attempt to meet with Selinah, Mafumana gave his address to Petros and he requested him to give it to his sister but Mafumana was retrenched from work and he was unable to communicate with Petros Simelani and this was the last time he sawor heard of Petros, Selinah as well as his son Mafika Simelani.

Please kindly assist us to locate Selinah & Mafika Simelani. Mafumana Mthombela is currently of age and is not at peace as he daily wonders what has become of his child.

Kind Regards,
Mtisunge Mangwaela,

Contact details:
071 209 1980 or 072 019 7185

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