Our people are hurting

We have gone through a lot as a society, sometimes when we walk past each other in the streets we recognize each other’s pain. I have sat down with a few people and had the same conversation, we remember a time in our lives when our mothers could not afford shoes or bread and had to buy bread on credit. We remember lying about being hungry, we remember the dreams we shared as children when we thought we had plenty of opportunities to achieve those dreams. We grew and realized that the opportunities we dreamt of ¬†were really just dreams. Your circumstances do determine where you end up in life, your talent can only be recognized through opportunities you’re exposed to. Finance buys you opportunity too.

Each time i read a letter or inbox, i see your story and it breaks my heart that you had to go through all that, that you had to be given away because your mother got married, that your father left you with his girlfriend and she gave you to the streets, I am so sorry that you had to live through all that. I am sorry that you’re still bleeding because your grandmother couldn’t raise your mother, that your grandfather does not know your father. I pray you find healing. We are all in this together. Thank you for sharing your scars with us.

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  1. im so glad that you sharing this message with us, because realy some of us are able to share our deep scars with you and you guys are helping us , yu are really appreciated guys, uThixo uzonikhusela ngamaxesha onke bcz uyanithanda

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