Rebbecca Tebo Mafa

I am looking for my cousin Rebbecca Tebo Mafa,who left Botswana in 1991 to join her boyfriend Dumisani Zulu whose last known address was P.O Box 1881 Emodlo Newcastle Durban DBN .When she left they had a kid by the name Sphiwe but has since had two more children (names unknown).Recently a gentleman by the name Muziwakhe Alfred Nzuza of ID 610318660 8084 address 1519 Mgege St, Umzinto location,KZN South Africa cell: 0731134786 offered to bring her to Rustenburg so we can collect her there provided we helped him with fuel,He said she was ill and it has been recommended that she be with her family.He is now not taking our calls after being told we were contacting the police and immigration to assist and he expressed discomfort with that.Please help because its affecting her daughter badly .

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  1. Hi there, as advised many times. Please do not put your contacts on public platforms as you will get scammed. Mr Nzuza has been doing this to a lot of people, please report the matter to the police. We advise you to contact us via email, fax or Post…Please Contact us on fax: 086 511 7440 or email or drop a letter at your nearest Post office addressed to Private Bag X345 Melville, 2109.

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