Ndlala George Mtimkulu

Dear Khumbulekhaya

We are looking for Ndlala George Mtimkulu known as BUTI (Born in 1981 August 09)

Ndlala left home in 1999 March going to school in the morning, he never came back home that day and we went to the police to report him missing but the police told us that he was 18 years old therefore they can’t look for him. He was doing grade 10 at school when he left, and he did not have an ID book at that time so we are not sure if he has changed his names or not. He was in a good state of mind when he left and he was not abused at home, so we can’t tell why he decided to leave like that.
So we kept asking his friends about his whereabouts but they gave us different stories. the other friend of his told us that Buti was seen somewhere in Port Elizabeth but he could not take us there since he doesn’t know the place very well, but he said he is sure that Buti can be found in P.E.

We can be contacted by phone on 057 3961796 & 0833593825. or 0573961796

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