Bavuyile Qasha

Bavuyile Qasha left home (Phuka, Mount Ayliff) in 1999. He was reported to be at his mothers home in Umzimkhulu after a year or two. When the elders went to look for him in Umzimkhulu, he was reported that he went to look for a job in Durban with a cousin. The cousin was contacted, but unfortunately he already went his own way and they lost contact; that was the dead end. In 2004 he was reported seen in Durban by someone whom is from our village, although he was staying in Durban at the time. Since then no one has ever had anything about him and his where about, as family we need to know where is he, how is health and including his living conditions. To be honest he should be the one guiding the family in terms of sound decision making and a lot needs to be done, which cannot be done to him being not present or contactable.

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