Fatherly love

A lot of times we have seen jubilant parents happy to see their long lost child; we have seen children pour their hearts out to their parents about how much they’ve missed them. In tonight’s story we see a father and son reunite and are left with so many questions as to why it is that some parents don’t seem worried or even happy to see their children? Life often throws us so many trials that we often become hardened or even detached emotionally. We find it so hard to display emotion even in situations where overwhelming emotion would be expected. We cannot judge anyone on based on our encounter with them. We have to travel their journey in order to better understand and accept who they have become.

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    1. Hi Phiyo its people who are not you relative will support you thick nd thin, im talking from experience my boilogical parents never raised i was raised by grandparents from my father side then after 10 years parent came to fecth as but they ddnt even gave as tht love or bond actually i regret staying with them or knowing them because even now we dont hv relationship with my mother. my father pass on 2012

  1. hey guys I’m also the one who need help but the thing is I’m too shy to be seen on tv.my name is xolani Nkonyane but the surname that I’m using is my mother’s surname,my really surname is Mkhonto. My mother told me before she passed away that my father is petros Mkhonto from Mpumalanga in Nelspruit but I never saw him I’m now 27 years old without him and he never look for me so please anyone with advice help me.

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