Education is still important

Hello Family.

We come across a lot of stories where our viewers tell us they dropped out of school because they had a hard life or because their circumstances pushed them into a corner. There are many options to continue your education without physically going to a classroom . You can study through distance learning, you can still do your matric even if you’re 30, you are never too old to learn. If you have the option to study, please explore all options to invest in yourself. Life throws us a lot of curveballs but when the chance presents itself for you to improve your situation. Do take that chance. Do study, finish your matric.


Lots of love,

Team Khumbul’ekhaya.

9 responses to “Education is still important

  1. thats true maar how do you persue your studies while you have to clean up the mess of the parents
    i completed matric without id i wanna go further but mother missing,home affairs does’nt help some times
    you show them what you think is useful they take you back,soos n’ buite land.

  2. true education is a weapon you can use to fight or concur anything that is not inline with your well being, you get a better employment that will pay your bills and money to get you by when you need to connect with your lost family, and to help up bring good mennerd and educated children. you can never be too old to learn. when ever you feel you want to better your life start learning towards your goals and plan on how you will get to the position you want, check if you qualify then register to equip yourself with necessary qualification then your goal is realistic enough. Go for it it is your destiny too to be rich and happy. the secrete is work hard, read, learn, study, be out there and seek information. God loves you too.

  3. When you look back at the journey……..from your childhood to your teenage to your adult life… some would say it was a chaotic journey ……… an emotional roller coaster , tears shed……….almost like a deck of cards thrown into the air……….but if we take a deep breath and be still we would realise that through the good the bad and the ugly , what the devil threw at you to destroy you ……. GOD turned it in such a way ……….that you can face the devil in the eye and say …………. Now look who is STILL STANDING!

  4. i am also a drop out but today i have two kids 5 years and 9 months but i am studying for my matric which i will be writing next year. I am doing this so that my kids can have a better future and live a better life. Yes situations made me drop out but i collected myself and dusted my image and continue with my journey to success. Its never too late to rise as long as you are still alive

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