The Joy of Knowing Yourself

Andile Gaeliswa

Like a tree, in order to grow we all need constant watering. This gives us the power to stand out, and it makes us the individuals that we are. We don’t always appreciate how special we are, and some people have very little time for reflection in this busy world. Taking that time out, thinking about who are, where we want to go and how we are going to get there is something that is necessary. When you are strong in who you are, you can become a strong pillar for others, as no one can go this journey of life alone. There are many types of families that we find out there, and each one has its special, unique characteristic. Each one can contribute to how we get to know who are in its own special way. There is nothing like the joy of knowing that you are secure and strong in yourself, in a way that makes you valuable to others, in a way that makes worth the love and respect of others. A family is one the greatest places where this type of joy can take place.