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Khumbul'ekhaya Season 14  Launch Promo 2018

Episode 1 Season 14

A heartwarming and inspirational episode where a mother took a journey to search for her adult son after being separated for over 30...

Episode 2 Season 14 Promo

Episode 2 Season 14

Season 14 Episode 3

This episode will take you through a rollercoaster of emotion. If you know you're likely to cry, we recommend you grab a tissue...

Episode 4 Season 14

What do you do when you inherit a child and don't know where they come from? This episode left everyone wishing they had...

Season 14 episode 5

Season 14 Episode 06

Episode 07 Season 14

Episode 08

Episode 09

Episode 10 Season 14

Episode 11 Season 14

A mother heads out to search for children she left behind years ago, will she find them? A son goes on a journey...

Episode 12 Season 14

Episode 14