The ripple effect set by our father

Last night I watched the episode with a girl who was looking for her father…she found a man matching the name and description but she shared no traits with the man, the family member also confirmed that the gentleman indeed is not her father…it hit me hard and remembered that my dad Dumisani Hopewell “Vadar” Mbikwana(Mncwabe) has alot of children some dont even know due to separation from my dad. I myself am number 14-apparently so…My siblings were in the region of the 20+ when our grandmother passed away in 2007 eHammersdale-unit 3. Basically I have set up a family three with the hopes that we can find each other …I also write this asking for assistance with the tracing of my siblings and help them put to rest their search of their father but to help them find family they knew nothing of…Our father passed away October 2009 shortly after being gunned down, it was a strange incident and no investigations into his shooting was ever conducted same as the shooting of my other sibling in Jan 6 2011.
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I am a struggling business owner who has been blessed with the strangest luck of travelling and have a feeling that its because I am meant to unite the family and assist my fathers offspring..sad but I feel its my duty.

it might even help with other cases you might have that have been unsolved.

Just thought I would share

Luvuyo Kwami Mbikwana

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