Searching for my father I never meet.

My name is Dumsile Mkhize known as Dumsile Simelane. born 1979 in Swaziland and I live in Sweden Europe. My mother is called Jane Simangele Dlamini. And my father they said is called Solomon Mkhize. He was from transkai in the area of xhopo and once worked in Swaziland at Simunye suger company wen they were constructing or building the Simunye suger company around 1978 when they meet with my mother and she was pregnant of me and my father is like he was not aware of this. I can be very happy if khumbul’ekhaya can help me to find him. Am having lot of ploblems and challenges in life and work and with my kids. They ask me lot of things I can not anser. Ever seen I was little I never been loved and love. Everything is wrong at work , home, affairs. It like am cased and to be raised with a wrong surname was so hamful to my life. I really need to be united with my blood family. Am safaringoing. in life nothinges is moving on with me. am blamed on things even if it was not me I was to be blamed for. Please khumbulekhaya help me.

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