Please help us find our Father. Clement Mafilika

Dear Khumbulekhaya my name is Emily Stompana Motloung ,I live in Vereeniging and I am looking for my long lost father. I was told at a young age by my aunt who’s name is Aya Ndungwane. She told me that my mother Ntemi Ndungwane had met my father when he was working at a mine called Cornelia Colleries in Viljoensdrift in the 1960’s. My mother had my sister Kheti who my father liked to call Mantsutsu and me Boesman. I was also told that my fathers name is Clement Mafilika who originates from the Transkei and his best friends were Thinos,Skhalo and Tsotsi. Thinos and him worked together at the mine. The last time we saw our father was in the late 1978 when my uncle Tsotsi Ndungwane took us to visit him in Three Rivers. Please help me find my father as I really need him in my life. Thank you.Attached below is my physical address.
113 Akasia flats
Cnr Market and Botha Street

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