My missing elderly mother

Hi all, my name is Nokholekile Valencia Dyosi who is born to Nowisile and Waka Vumazonke ,who is originally from the Eastern Cape in a town called Dutywa. my fatgher passed away at an ealrly age and i was only left with my mother and i was only left with my mother and four of my siblings. I moved to Cape Town for good job opportunities and at that time my mother was still young enough to take care of herself. years went and she reached a point where she no longer could take care of herself so I as her only daughter had to take her in and take care her. when she came to live with me and my family she had a short term memory loss whereby at some point she could not even remember me or any of my kids. She would often say she wants to go to Ntshatshongo (a place in which she was born). We feared that her condition would lead to her being lost, so we hired a helper to take care of her because elderly homes did not want to take her because of her condition. The helper got another job so she had to quit and we had to resort to the kids having to stay at home and take care of their grand mother because there was no other option. One morning she went to visit our neighbor and when she was supposed to come back she passed the house and walked down the street. That was the last time she was seen I am not very particular with the dates but the year was 2007 and till this day we have not received any information with regard to her whereabouts. we are pleading with who ever can help us to please help us, even if she is deceased we just want to bury her in her home. I am the only one left from all her children. All of them have died. any one who can help us please do I would be very grateful for your help, thank you.

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