Looking for Phindile Margaret Shabalala & Khathazile Shabalala’s family from Thembisa “Malahleni”

Dear Khumbulekhaya, My name is Poulos Shabalala, and I am a son to the late Phindile Shabalala who passed away in 1991 and left me and my brother at Thokoza to be raised by people whom she called her family. I am all grown now and was raised very well, all I actually need is to be connected with Phindile Shabalala’s family, she was the daughter of the Shabalala Family residing at Thembisa at a place called Emalahleni. she had a sister called Khathazile Shabalala, who was a mother to one Vusi Shabalala who was then arrested and I have no idea what then happened of him as I was very young too. I understand their home was / is somewhere in Thembisa near a Train station at Malahleni. I just need to see them and ask them a few questions as to what really happened with their family why were raised as outcasts, why are they not together, why are they not even looking for us, find out if we are alive etc. Khumbulekhaya I am an educated young man of 32 years, have my own everything now thanks to a Xhosa lady who raised me one that I didn’t even know, I HONESTLY do not need anything from the Shabalala family, but just an understanding of what really happened in their family that made them so discarded and know where “we” really come from THATS ALL. I honestly need to only know who they are and where they are, nothing else,. I understand they have another family staying at Thokoza somewhere at Ntabansimbi. as it is I am all alone now seeing as the woman who raised me and my brother passed away, then was followed by my brother, the family I mentioned on the latter is honestly also pulling on their own direction. no one is willing to say anything about anything and frankly they have made it clear that they couldn’t be bothered with me and my brothers lives, which is okay really such is life I guess. I repeat, I DO NOT need anything from them I am financially well-off and comfortable in my own house that I bought. I JUST NEED to understand what really happened, I want to hear from their mouths as to why so much hate and neglect, my brother and I were only 5/4 when my mother passed away we didn’t deserve such treatment. Khumbulekhaya sometimes honestly our families are the ones that create all the hate amongst family members and generations to come, I DONOT HATE THEM, as I have no idea who they are, I just want to know who they are and hear from them what really happened and then make my own conclusions. I believe at least someone from them should know something, honestly they at least owe

Paulos Shabalala

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  1. they at least owe my late brother and I that, I do not even intend to fight anyone or take anything from anyone, I very happy with my life at the moment and couldn’t ask for more from God he has been favourable to me. I just need closure in as far as my biological mother’s family is concerned, maybe they might share some light as to who my father is etc, I need to know who my mother was, where was she from, who her family is, is there anyone still alive and what really happened. I have been on my own for the past +-20 years now growing up with strangers, throughout varsity I have been alone when my brother died I had to burry him all on my own, at the age of 25, Dear Khumbulekhaya I honestly need closure I need to have a chat with these people to find out the motive behind their family dysfunction which led to our NEGLECT from them we were too young, we honestly did not deserve that at all from them THEY are our family, they were supposed to be there for us. its all water under the bridge now, but I honestly need closure and my concerns attended to regarding their behaviour towards each other as siblings. THATS ALL I NEED NOTHING ELSE.

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