Looking for my father

I grew up believing that my surname is Mthembu, even though my Mthembu father has always denied me being his child. Well, i denied him too because there is no resemblance none what-so-ever. So last year he finally told me who my real father is. My mother did not deny that there is a possibility of this new guy being my real father. He’s name is pastor Nathi ngwenya from Durban. We tried to contact him and at first he was keen to meet but after qw sent him my pictures he started playing hide and seek. After seeing his pictures on social media i was also convinced that this nathi ngwenya is indeed my father. He is the only person I’ve seen that i actually look like. I graduated from Wits university last year and now working as a teacher in soweto. I am not short of anything as i am living a fairly comfortable life for a 26 year old female. I don’t need anything from him, just my identity. I told him on a phone call that i was even willing to pay for a dna test to be done but he seemed to care about his reputation and his church more than all of this. I’m really struggling emotionally I’m even taking antidepressants and going for psychiatry. Not being wanted my whole life and even now is really destroying me and affecting the way i see myself and my worth. I don’t know what else can be done to get this man to own up to this or to even try and get to the bottom of it and clear his name ke if he feels he’s being falsely targeted.

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