Long Lost son

Please help me find my aunts lost son who was taken from his mother at the tender age of four. My aunts name is Magokolotso, Justine, Letshoara or Mothuti. She now lives in Kwakwa (at a village called Poelong. )She used to work in Johannesburg, doing domestic work, when she met the father of her son, who later decided to rip her off that child. The name of the child is Sakhele Lulama (Msenge) supposedly known as also Lulama Mothuti (Rathithi) Letshwara. Born 10 March 1960. He should be, between the ages of 55 or 60 years. His fathers name is Rogers Mesnge and his grandmother’s name is Miriam Msenge. They used to live in Diepkloof zone 6. Later moved to Edutwa some where eKoloni when the father was on the run with him.. im saying this because he never wanted my aunt to see him nor to know him. Together with his mother who helped him hide Sakhle away from her.

The last time my aunt saw her son was 45 years ago, she even tried the police but it ended in vain. I am really desperate in reuniting him with his mother, now that his grandmother has passed on, who her self tried locating him but lost and alos the sister he never knew. His mother is very ill and fragile, she has diabetes. It pains me he will never see her alive nor know what he missed in his living life.

These are the names of people who might know him, these are the names of the people who might have contect with him. Miriam Dlamini, Zandisile, Bafana, and Mvula.

My name is Pontsho Mosia I am the niece from my father side thank you in advance and God bless you.

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