I am looking for my father’s family

I am a 25 years old woman. I currently live in Kwazulu Natal Eshowe. My father was Khief Zabathini Ncamiso, he was coming from the Eastern Cape, Queens town I hear. He was legally married to my mother Ntombizodwa Xulu-Ncamiso. My father passed away in 2001 and my mother’s family buried him here in KZN. However, I am in desperate need to meet my father’s family. My heart and soul longs for them. I have never met any of them, not to mention that I saw my father only once in my life. My mind is full of misery as I acknowledge the fact that I don’t know my roots and my family history, most of all I don’t even know my own family members, I only know my siblings from my mother’s womb. I know my father had other kids from different women and I also urge them to come forth so that we can become one family. I urge any one who knows any family member of mine from Khief Zabathini Ncamiso or even a mere relative of him to help me find my family. I am incomplete without knowing my roots, even a little piece of information is most needed. Please help me to find my family.

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